Taking Risks Has never Been safer – The new Endura MT500 Helmet and MTR knee guard with Koroyd® Technology.

Endura is proud to unveil two new products that raise the standard for the protection and safety of mountain bikers to unprecedented levels. By placing Koroyd’s cutting edge, impact absorption technology at the heart of our radical new MT500 Helmet and MTR Knee Guard, we’ve propelled MTB rider protection into the 21st century.

Koroyd’s co-polymer tube technology combines unparalleled levels of impact absorption and ventilation with incredibly low weight. Our matchless heritage in mountain bike apparel maximises the potential of Koroyd® technology to protect riders on the trail.

Offering striking looks and game-changing performance, the MT500 Helmet and MTR Knee Guard underline Endura’s philosophy of Renegade Progress, and provide further evidence of our willingness to look beyond the bicycle industry for solutions to the biggest challenges cyclists face.

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