The exception to the rule at this year’s Press Camp was Koroyd who, unlike any other exhibitor, brought literally no products to sell. The aerospace material manufacturer doesn’t sell directly to consumers, after all, it supplies brands with their technology (such as Smith). Rather than a pitch a new product, Koroyd presented media with their new safety initiative: a call to action to industry to voluntarily raise the safety performance standards of helmets.

Their case? Unlike the automotive industry which has an evolving safety star rating year to year, the cycling industry has a pass/fail validation system, one that Koroyd believes sets an unacceptably high level of risk of injury for riders and which has not been updated in twenty years to reflect improving materials and technology.

In this interview taken on the last evening of Press Camp 2016, John Lloyd, owner of Koroyd, and Bas Jongsma, discuss the initiative, the urgency behind it, and the opportunity for safety within helmets and protective equipment in the industry. Basically, we can all be safer- and industry can and should voluntarily up their game to make that happen.

Koroyd Safety Initiative

BIKERUMOR: Firstly, how did you get your start?

JOHN: I was working in the motorcycle market and I was heading up a team that was developing motorcycle helmets and clothing and protective accessories. At the time, we had a pretty large share of the market so we were often approached by people with different ideas and technologies and materials.

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