Endura’s new MT500 helmet and MTR knee pads are made from Koroyd; that honeycomb stuff that looks like bunched up drinking straws.
We brought you a brief glimpse of Endura’s new wares in our Top 10 coolest things from the Core Bike Show report back in January. Well, the koroyd-equipped MT500 helmet and MTR knee pads are available to buy as of right now.

The prototype knee pads we saw earlier this year.
If you think you’ve seen Koroyd somewhere before you’re right. It’s used by Smith Optics in their Forefront mountain bike helmets. Koroyd is a little bit more techno than drinking straws.
According to Endura, Koroyd tubes are “highly-engineered multi-density co-polymer tubes absorb energy in a more linear fashion than traditional foams during an impact and are a key technology enabler that allow the MT500 to reduce maximum g-forces in the event of an impact.”

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