The new commuter helmet from Alpina gets you closer to your goals. All of your goals. Thanks to a number of new technologies, the Altona sets new standards when it comes to safety, ventilation, comfort and integration. The high-performance material Koroyd ensures maximum protection. The stable and extremely lightweight structure consists of a multitude of small tubes that are thermally welded together. In the event of an impact, they crumple and absorb energy. Due to the stable design, Koroyd also allows for much larger openings in the helmet surface, which guarantee excellent ventilation. Ventilation ducts guide the air inside the helmet along your head. With the Altona, the ventilation management can also be actively regulated by a sliding upper shell. Whether in the cool morning or in hot rush hour traffic, the ventilation is always optimal.

  • LED light LED light at back of helmet provides optimum safety
  • Kopfhörer Loops Loops securely affix headphones to the belt strap
  • The Varioflex technology optimally adjusts the lens tint to the lighting conditions
  • Durable outer shell thanks to the 3 shell construction
  • Easy-to-operate belt buckle with twist-proof, multi-stage automatic lock
  • Optimum impact absorption thanks to Hi-EPS material made from microscopic little air chambers
  • Low weight thanks to the inmold production where the upper shell is thermally connected with the Hi-EPS
  • Adjustable straps by ears
  • The lower edge of the helmet is protected by the polycarbonate shell Edge Protect
  • Strategically arranged ventilation openings guarantee ideal air flow in the interior
  • The smooth-operating and soft to the touch Run System Ergo Flex guarantees the greatest possible level of comfort
  • Koroyd technology ensures outstanding ventilation with maximum protection

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