The new Endura knee Mtr Knee Guard using inserts Koroyd® Flex + to increase protection, breathability and can offer a lightweight, minimalist and comfortable for daily use in Mtb.

Just like the helmet Endura MT500, here the article , which wants to establish new standards of lightness and protection, even knee Endura Mtr Koroyd exploit the technology, consisting of a honeycomb structure of co-polymers capable of more smoothly absorb the ‘energy generated by a collision.
In the video below where the production process is shown.

The Endura Mtr have a new line and new materials, we tested a long time, and it’s time to uncover its secrets …

– Materials used: 10
The interior of the brace is made of polyurethane and Koroyd, while the exterior is made of: 60% Nylon, Polyester 20%, PVC 10%, Spandex 10%, with the addition of panels high abrasive resistance Aramid.
Then there are the silicone inserts that help the fixing of the brace on the leg.

– Approvals: 10
The new toggle boasts the certification EN 1621/1, obtained thanks in large part to the structure in Koroyd co-extruded polymers, which raises the level of shock absorption.
– Settings allowed: 9
The knee Endura Mtr exploit the silicone inserts for fixing, with the aid of Velcro for adjusting on top.

– Weight: 9.5 
179 grams for the single piece makes the Endura Mtr among the lightest knee with such a high level of protection.
– Price: 8 
€ 79.99 are a lot for a pair of knee pads, however the high quality of the materials you pay as well as the new Koroyd technology.

Final score (1 to 10): 9.3

– Comfort of fit: 8
Downhill alows, are protective, yet comfortable. However, if you go uphill, and you want to let them wear for cycling I am not as comfortable. They adhere well and do not cause chafing, but the lower part creates an annoying pressure on the upper part of the shin when cycling long

– Easy to fit: 9
They slip easily as a sock, one thing can not be removed without taking off your shoes, even if just calarle to the calf to have more comfort during a long ride.

– Ventilation: 9.5
The protection provided by the knee Endura Mtr is what you need for most of falls even for enduro use.
It has no anti-abrasion inserts side, but the protective shell is very broad, and well perforated.
You can see through the holes in the inserts Koroyd green color (pictured below), which thanks to the honeycomb structure allow a higher ventilation to other protections on the market.

– Portability (backpack): 8.5
If you really do not want to climb wear are easily transportable in a backpack.
You can replicate by exploiting a certain softness of the protective shell which, however, is a generous size and does not allow to insert, for example inside a pouch.

– Fit (which size to choose?): 9.0
The knee Endura Endura Mtr fit like clothing, so if you wear a Small size for choose it shorts of the same size.
However, you can refer to the table below for:

Final score (1 to 10): 8.8

VOTE TOTAL (1 to 10): 9.05

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