How Koroyd Started

Innovated from aerospace safety research

A tragic accident led to a scientific discovery which helped the inventor to develop what was to become Koroyd.

Crumpled Aluminium Seat Tube

Tubes absorb more energy

Rewind to the catastrophic crash of flight BD092 in 1989 at Kegworth, England. Investigations highlighted that the design and construction of the seats and their lack of energy absorption greatly contributed to the fatalities and injuries sustained by passengers.

Subsequent extensive research projects were initiated to determine what measures could be taken in order to reduce the risk to passengers in similar accidents.

It was during this work that cylindrical tube structures were found to absorb the most amount of energy for a given distance.

Designed to be the ultimate energy absorber, the unique welded tube construction of Koroyd was developed in response to this research, and has now been successfully integrated into a whole range of applications including helmets, sports protection, automotive, industrial and defence sector products.

Crumpled Kevlar Tube
Plane Diagram
Crumpled Koroyd Tubes

Advanced Impact


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