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Our Story

Engineered in a lab, but built for real life. For people on the move who need protection as advanced as they are. Like the people it’s for, Koroyd is never passive, crumpling, absorbing, and protecting against the impact of living an active life.

We’re Koroyd, and we’re dedicated to engineering a safer tomorrow through the world’s most advanced impact technology.

Advanced Impact


Koroyd provides advanced breathability and ultra light feel, but first and foremost, better protection which may reduce the risk of suffering a life-affecting injury.

Koroyd Advanced Impact Technology
Koroyd Technology Tubes

Human-Centered Approach

Designed for
Peace of Mind

Human-centered in our design approach, every detail is considered to ensure quality, comfort and style. Engineered with safety in mind, every product we develop with our partners is designed to mitigate the specific risks of each use case. Together, our award-winning innovations give consumers the confidence they need to perform at their best.

Smith Nexus Helmet

Direct & Angled Impact Protection

Koroyd crumples and absorbs energy efficiently on direct and angled impact, so you can move with confidence and protect what matters most.


Air flows consistently through the open cells, meaning hot air from your head can easily escape, ensuring more efficient cooling in the most intense conditions.


Koroyd features the world’s thinnest walled tubes, resulting in a structure which is 95% air. This reduces weight and enhances comfort without compromising safety for living life on the move.
Koroyd Partners

Developed together with
the best

the standard

We partner with ambitious brands that share our growth mindset and commitment to deliver premium products their customers love and trust. Built around a collaborative approach and end-to-end product design and development process, our enduring partnerships across multiple categories result in revolutionary products that redefine the standard.

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