Slingshot 2020 Misfit Wakeboard


The Misfit has been in the Slingshot range for years. In fact, it’s the company’s longest-serving model.

However, for 2020 the popular board has been given a complete overhaul. Call it an evolution, an iteration, or a giant leap forward – the bottom line is this a fantastic lightweight board for kitesurfing.

So why tinker with a design that works? The team at Slingshot knew they could create something even better with the old Misfit as the foundation – and they achieved this in a number of ways.


The 2020 Slingshot Misfit is engineered to perform better when you’re in the air, allowing you to execute tricks you never quite managed to land before. 

The use of Koroyd inserts at the tip and the tail of the board significantly drops the weight, making the whole construction lighter and more manoeuvrable.
This is even more apparent when you get up off the surface of the water, with the low swing weight really putting you in the driver’s seat.

Naturally, the lower weight means it’s also much easier to carry on the beach. 

Slingshot Misfit 2020 Airtime


Not content with taking your tricks to the next level, the board also rides like a dream when you’re ploughing through the chop.

NACA tech channels on the underside help propel water out from under the tip and the tail, keeping you moving fast with plenty of traction.
Slingshot says it’s their driest board ever, too, with a new outline reducing the amount of spray that ends up flying into your face.

The Koroyd inserts help out here, increasing the vibration damping of the board and providing a smoother ride.


We would hate to do this board a disservice by not mentioning some of its other standout characteristics. 

The 2020 Slingshot Misfit is built with a Dura-Light base, balancing lightweight performance with solid toughness. 

Singleshot Fusion Sidewalls boost the durability too. The urethane rail is seamless, so there are no weak points in the construction – and if you do end up nicking the board, you can sand the dent right out without compromising the integrity. 

A re-engineered polycarbonate grab handle with rubber overlay delivers exceptional grip, with enough flex in it that if you do fall on it, it’s not going to do too much damage. 

Slingshot 2020 Misfit Koroyd


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