KOROYD-Equipped Helmets Launch on Cycling’s Largest Stage

Aerodinamica - Koroyd x Ekoi

In pro cycling, the stakes are high. Every gear detail is meticulously considered as world-class athletes train for and compete with the eyes of the world on them. Rising to the challenge of equipping these athletes, KOROYD and Ekoï announce the launch of two new road cycling helmets–the Aerodinamica and the Stradale–debuted in July 2023 on cycling’s largest stage. 

The collaboration that created the Aerodinamica and the Stradale features a novel KOROYD integration and an evolution in cycling impact technology, introducing stunningly lightweight, aerodynamic, and breathable helmets. 

A Partnership Born in World-Class Cycling Terrain

KOROYD, an industry leader in advanced impact protection technology, and Ekoï, renowned for its support of pro cycling athletes, are natural partners in pursuit of excellence. The two powerhouse brands are geographically neighbors, both located in a region known to many as the heart of world-class cycling. KOROYD’s headquarters and R&D lab is based in Monaco, the Mediterranean home of many of the peloton’s best-known riders, within easy reach of some of the sport’s most revered climbs. Ekoï’s headquarters are only a short drive away in Fréjus, France, where they build on their 22-year heritage of co-developing premium gear with professional cyclists. Both companies hold a shared vision of pushing the boundaries of innovation and providing athletes and amateurs alike with cutting-edge protection that allows them to move with confidence. 

This shared vision has allowed Ekoï and KOROYD to merge the art of cycling gear craftsmanship with advanced impact technology, paving the way for thrilling advancements in cyclist safety. Ekoï, a brand dedicated to premium product design and elevated cycling gear, found an ideal partner in KOROYD as they sought a way to improve their helmets’ energy-absorbing technology. The two helmets debuted in July 2023 represent a striding advancement in cycling helmet technology and are representative of KOROYD’s commitment to protecting life in motion. 

Advanced Protection, Enhanced Performance: Introducing KOROYD-Equipped Cycling Innovation

The Aerodinamica and Stradale join a family of products equipped with KOROYD and feature the advantages of the brand’s award-winning advanced impact technology. KOROYD-equipped products feature unparalleled impact absorption capability due to the technology’s unique tubular structure which efficiently disperses and absorbs energy on impact through 80% of the material thickness. This innovative technology reduces the risk of traumatic brain injuries and represents an evolution beyond traditional foams such as EPS. 

Beyond confidence-inspiring protection, KOROYD-equipped helmets such as the Stradale and Aerodinamica also provide advanced cooling and breathability even in the most intense conditions. Incorporating KOROYD in a new integration–dubbed the Connection Integration Solution–the Stradale helmet features exceptional ventilation and open vents that promote optimal airflow, effectively managing the heat and moisture build-up endemic to action sports. The Aerodinamica also benefits from KOROYD’s advanced breathability feature, a byproduct of the extremely thin tubular structure which is 95% air. 

Finally, products with KOROYD integration enjoy lightweight and low-profile designs favored by elite athletes. By employing a unique structure composed of thermally welded tubes, KOROYD achieves a remarkable balance between strength and lightness. Compared to traditional foam-based materials, KOROYD offers a significantly lighter alternative without compromising on structural integrity or impact protection.

A Debut on the World Stage

The new KOROYD-equipped Ekoï Aerodinamica helmet will be worn throughout pro tour events by Team Cofidis, Arkéa Samsic, Lotto Dstny, and Israel – Premier Tech. The Aerodinamica is Ekoï’s pinnacle aero helmet, integrated with KOROYD for the ultimate in impact protection and advanced breathability. Designed in collaboration with Pininfarina, the Aerodinamica is the ideal helmet for elite level racing. 

The new Ekoï Stradale helmet featuring KOROYD will be worn by the Israel – Premier Tech team throughout key stages of the race. The Stradale features KOROYD’s novel Connect Integration Solution for lightweight energy absorption and enhanced ventilation, making it a favorite for elite cyclists.

As these helmets make their debut on the world stage of cycling, the collaboration between KOROYD and Ekoï will certainly leave its mark on the sport. With helmets that embody a balance between protection, comfort, and human-centric design, cyclists can ride with the confidence that their heads are shielded by cutting-edge technology designed to minimize the risk of head injuries.

The Ekoï Aerodinamica and Stradale KOROYD helmets will be available for purchase September 2023 through Ekoï.com. Follow KOROYD for updates and be among the first to experience the game-changing features and advantages that these helmets bring to the cycling community.

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