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The 2020 Head Kore ski range contains four models, expanding to add two options for women as well as the men’s that have been seen on the mountain for a couple of years already.

KORE skis make use of Koroyd in a construction described by Ski Magazine as “really unique, in that it is extremely light but extremely high performance”, with the new women’s options being resoundingly praised by the press and securing a clutch of awards along the way. 

The KORE range is intended for skiers who want to leave the resort (and crowds) behind and explore the backcountry.


The innovative way Koroyd is employed in the Head KORE range delivers a smoother, more fluid free-riding experience with a greater level of precision.

The core of the ski is made with a stiff and light Karuba wood, but a section directly under the foot is cut out and Koroyd’s thermally welded tubular structure is fused in. 

This effectively increases the ability of the ski to dampen vibrations in the place where that matters most, so less chatter is transmitted up through the ski and into the rider. It produces a more controlled feeling on varied terrain.

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Head KORE 99

all mountain action

Whether you’re at the beginning of your off-piste journey, or looking to enter the world of professional free skiing, there is a model in the Head KORE range to suit you. 

At the elite end, the 117 provides all the rapid response and playful feeling you’ll need to eke out every ounce of performance. 

In the 105 and the Women’s 93, you have two skis that deliver outstanding performance in the backcountry without much compromise when piste bashing.



The new additions to the 2020 KORE ski range are the two women’s models, the KORE 99 and the KORE 93.

The 99 made it into second place on Freeskier’s list of the best women’s skis of 2020, while Ski Magazine included them in their Gear of the Year roundup, as well as giving them Best In Test for Women’s All-Mountain Wide skis

Around for slightly longer, the men’s 117 was named one of Powder Magazine’s best skis of 2019. Its predecessor – the 105 – won Ski of the Year too when it was launched for the 2018 season.

Award-winning performance runs in the KORE family. 
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