Koroyd-Equipped Helmets Debut With Four Pro Tour Teams Racing On Cycling’s Largest Stage

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MONTE CARLO, MONACO (July 6, 2023) – KOROYD® – a global leader in advanced impact protection technology – is excited to announce the launch of two new helmet models in partnership with French cycling brand, Ekoï, that are being showcased by four elite pro tour cycling teams on the world stage starting July 1st.

The new KOROYD-equipped Ekoï Aerodinamica helmet will be worn throughout the tour by Team Cofidis, Arkéa Samsic, Lotto Dstny, and Israel – Premier Tech. The Aerodinamica is Ekoï’s pinnacle aero helmet, integrated with KOROYD for the ultimate in impact protection and advanced breathability. Designed in collaboration with Pininfarina, the Aerodinamica helmet is optimized for elite level racing. 

“There’s a lot of stress in the peloton, especially during major events such as the Grand Tours or the Classics, which is why we wanted to work on safety in the event of a crash,” said Jean-Christophe Rattel, CEO at Ekoï. “We approached Koroyd because we saw their concept to be the best way of optimizing the protection in our helmet.”

The new Ekoï Stradale helmet featuring KOROYD will be worn by the Israel – Premier Tech team throughout key stages of the race. The Stradale features KOROYD’s novel Connect Integration Solution for lightweight energy absorption and enhanced ventilation, making it a favorite for elite cyclists.

“We are thrilled to partner with Ekoï and have two KOROYD helmets debut on this year’s Tour,” said John Lloyd, KOROYD Founder and Managing Director. “It’s an honor to help protect these world-class athletes in their pinnacle moments and provide the ultimate in lightweight protection and breathability when every detail of equipment and performance is crucial.”

KOROYD’s unique tubular core technology provides confidence-inspiring protection designed to absorb more energy from any angle of impact and allows for hot air to easily escape, ensuring more efficient cooling in the most intense conditions. The Ekoï Aerodinamica and Stradale KOROYD helmets will be available for purchase September 2023 through Ekoï.com. 



KOROYD is dedicated to engineering a safer tomorrow. Its tireless pursuit of smarter, safer and more sustainable protective solutions underpins its patented and award-winning innovations. From its original, transformative impact absorption technology, to the leading-edge safety solutions under development in its state-of-the-art laboratory, KOROYD offers scientifically researched, rigorously tested and user validated integrations to brand partners, with optional full-scope design and development consultancy. KOROYD is engineered for advanced protection and designed for peace of mind. 

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