Thor Reflex in Action


Thor Reflex Polar Carbon Right Side


Joining forces with THOR, Koroyd is delighted to be working with a new partner, a new product and a new standard of motocross helmet design.

Not only does THOR share our vision on evolving protection and reducing the risk of injury, their standards of engineering, design and finishing made our first collaboration one of the highlights of the ‘forgotten year’.

THOR is back in the high-end MX helmet segment. They’ve developed the new Reflex helmet featuring Koroyd with extended head coverage and large ventilation ports.

The Reflex has been worn, tested and proven by the HEP Motorsports Suzuki team all season.


In order to achieve THOR’s goals of improving protection without compromising breathability, our teams optimised the integration to provide Koroyd coverage in key areas throughout the helmet.
This image shows the Koroyd parts built-in to the skeleton structure.

When impacted, Koroyd’s tubes crumple consistently, packing up to densification at up to 79% material compression and decelerating the head in a more controlled manner.
By better-managing the forces from an impact over a greater energy-absorbing volume, helmets featuring Koroyd have more chance of reducing the risk of injury when compared to alternatives.

Thor Reflex Render


Carbon fibre of fibreglass composite


The Ultimate Damage Control System

Thor Reflex Side


Extensive venting and open-cell Koroyd


DOT and ECE 22.05

Thor Reflex Polar Carbon Back

Testing & Certification

The THOR global headquarters are in the U.S., where the Reflex is DOT FMVSS No. 218 Certified.
This test standard includes energy attenuation, penetration resistance and chin strap structural integrity.

Accepted in 47 countries outside the US, the helmet also meets ECE 22.05 certification which is similar to DOT in terms of criteria but, this standard has lower (stricter) limits and slight differences in protocol.


Infusing style with next-level technology, THOR has created an iconic looking helmet that feels comfortable, light and breathable.
With various MX athletes opting to ride in the Reflex, keep an eye out for this new product on the track and beyond.

Easily identifiable, the highly visible green Koroyd core can be seen through the helmet vents.

The helmet comes in various colours and with the option of a carbon fibre or fibreglass composite shell.

Polar Carbon/White
Apex Red/White/Blue
Apex Acid/Grey
Accel Muti

Thor Reflex Polar Carbon Left Side


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