Snow Season, Equipped by KOROYD

KOROYD has a long heritage in the sports industry, not only advancing the standard of protective solutions for those who take their passions to new heights, but also developing human-centered designs that allow for a new level of performance. With KOROYD, you know you’re protected and your performance is accelerated, so go ahead – move with confidence. 

Beyond Safe: KOROYD’s Human-Centered Design Philosophy

At KOROYD, we believe in creating a human-centered design approach, developing products that not only reduce the risk of injury, but also work with the human body to facilitate performance, not against it. This is true in our KOROYD-integrated safety helmets, which reduce heat stress by up to 4.5 degrees Celsius or 8 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s also true of our motorcycle helmets, which are lighter weight and more breathable. In snow helmets and snowboards integrated with KOROYD, the same human-centered design philosophy is apparent, resulting in products that effortlessly enable advanced performance. 

How KOROYD Works in Snow Helmets

First, what is KOROYD? KOROYD is the world’s most advanced impact technology, a welded tube structure designed to crumple on impact, absorb energy, and protect the wearer. KOROYD crumples instantly and consistently in the case of an impact, absorbing energy better than traditional helmet materials through sacrificial plastic deformation. 

In helmets, KOROYD is placed in strategy impact zones to replace traditional foams used in helmets that are less protective and less breathable. The result? A helmet better designed to reduce the risk of injury. 

But KOROYD doesn’t only enhance protection: it also improves the wearer’s experience. KOROYD is an open-cell structure that is 95% air, providing advanced breathability and cooling. Even in the most intense conditions, KOROYD can provide airflow and ventilation, keeping you comfortable without compromising on safety. 

KOROYD can also reduce the overall weight and profile of a helmet. Traditionally when removing material to reduce weight, helmet manufacturers have to compromise on safety because less material thickness can mean less protection. With KOROYD, that’s not the case. Because the welded tube structure is ultralight and strong and has better energy-absorbing properties, we can reduce weight while improving impact protection.

The result? Ventilated, lightweight helmets with advanced impact protection. Meet a few of our favorites developed with our brand partner SMITH below.

The SMITH Method 

Park days, storm riding or groomer hot laps, the Method helmet sets you up with the latest safety innovations, including zonal KOROYD for enhanced energy absorption in the event of a crash. Its minimalist exterior packs in eight fixed vents and SMITH’s proven AirEvac tech to keep the air flowing and your goggles fog-free. Buckle up, tune in, and hit the hill.

The SMITH Summit

Go light. Go Far. From skin track to boot pack and summit bids, the Summit snow helmet is SMITH’s lightweight go-to lid for backcountry touring and ski mountaineering. Its triple certified design meets global alpine ski certs plus international mountaineering standards. The design blends a minimalist approach with mountaineering-specific details to keep it ultra-light yet ready for alpine pursuits. KOROYD impact protection absorbs energy in the event of a fall.

How KOROYD Works in Snowboards

Because of KOROYD’s unique properties, it’s an ideal energy absorber and impact protection technology. Beyond that protective capability, however, is an astonishing ability to replace material in products to provide weight reduction and provide other benefits. To see this in action, look no further than the snowboards we’ve designed in collaboration with our brand partners such as Jones Snowboards and Nitro Snowboards

In these boards, a KOROYD core replaces traditional wooden cores, vastly reducing weight where it matters. With a 75% reduction in weight compared to traditional wooden cores, snowboards with KOROYD make for a smoother ride and quicker, calmer turns. A lower swing weight allows for increased responsiveness, and with more maneuverability comes more confidence at speed on any terrain.

The KOROYD core has further benefits beyond weight reduction, as well, providing exceptional damping by absorbing vibrations through controlled, reversible compression of its tubes. This reduces chatter, leading to a smooth rider no matter how fast you’re flying. 

The Jones Aviator 2.0 Snowboard

Developed in collaboration with Victor De Le Rue, the completely re-designed Jones Aviator is a hard-charging directional twin built for expert all-mountain riders who like to rail turns and stomp airs anywhere on the mountain. It features a Koroyd core in the nose for vibration reduction and improved responsiveness without compromising on weight.

The Nitro Vertical Snowboard

The Vertical Splitboard adheres to a construction philosophy of reduced materials for increased performance, speed, and lowest weight. Setting the mark for lightweight, high-alpine Splitboarding, combining the uphill performance and design-focus of a touring ski with the floaty and fun ride Nitro is known for. For riders looking to push the limits of what is possible on a splitboard and continue to drive the progression of splitboarding.

Move with Confidence

From advanced protection to enhanced performance, KOROYD-integrated products are ready to bring your snow season to new heights. We’re proud to develop products with the most respected brands around the world, bringing enhanced protection and an elevated user experience to the market, ride after ride. 

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